Prince Valdemar of Denmark

Prince Valdemar and the Glücksborg monarchy

kongernes onkel 009Prince Valdemar was the youngest son of King Christian IX of Denmark, also known as the “father-in-law of Europe”. While Christian managed to marry most of his children into the major royal houses of Europe and thus to strengthen Denmark’s position on the international stage, Valdemar stayed at home and became a particular “national darling”. Trained in the prestigious Danish Sea Officers’ School, he went on to become a career officer for life. Most famously, he and his wife Princess Marie d’Orléans supported Danish turn-of-the-century business enterprises such as the East Asiatic Company (EAC). To reinforce Danish business relations with the Kingdom of Siam, Valdemar undertook a major cruise to East Asia on board HMS Valkyrie in 1899-1900.

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Between 1863 and 1866, three of King Christian IX’s children came to occupy foreign thrones or to marry into the major royal families of Europe:  Princess Alexandra wedded the British Prince of Wales, Princess Dagmar the Russian Tsarevich and Prince Vilhelm was elected King George of the Hellenes. Read about how the Danes took pride in the dynastic success of the Glücksborg dynasty in my Blog Post on the Heirs-to-the-throne project website: “Our four heirs to the throne”. Emotional identification with the success of the Glücksborg dynasty in 19th-century Danish family magazines.


If you want to find out more about Prince Valdemar’s family background and the Glücksborg monarchy, a must-read in Danish is:

Dynastiet Glücksborg: En Danmarkshistorie by Jes Fabricius MøllerDynastiet Glücksborg(You can find my review of this book on H-Soz-u-Kult.)

In English, you might want to read the short booklet

Christian IX and Queen Louise: Europe’s parents-in-law by Jens Gunni Busck

or John Van der Kiste’s Northern Crowns: The Kings of modern Scandinavia.