1st Book: Sailors & Princes

Monarchy at Sea

My first book, “The ‘Sailor Prince’ in the Age of Empire” (based on my PhD thesis from the University of St Andrews), was published as part of the Palgrave Studies in Modern Monarchy series in October 2017.

It traced the unusual professional careers, adventurous empire travels and multifaceted public representations of four royal princes who were trained in the navy in the Age of Empire:

The Sailor Prince in the Age of EmpireIn the Armchair Sailor’s Story Book you can find background information and stories about all these princes and the monarchies that they represented as well as about the public persona of the sailor in general.

Since word restrictions often meant that I could not go into much detail, you can also find additional facts, curiosities etc. in the below collection.

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On p. 120, I mention Sir Horace Rumbold’s positive review of Prince Alfred’s conduct as commander of the international naval squadron that had assembled to blockade the Greek ports in 1886. This was the closest Prince Alfred ever came to actual combat. Read more about his Greek encounter in You always meet twice: Prince Alfred and the blockade of the Greek ports.

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On p. 225 I briefly mention “Loukis Laras” as a possible Greek adventure novel of the nineteenth century. Read more about this book in The first modern Greek “adventure hero” was a boy refugee: Dimitrios Vikelas’s “Loukis Laras”